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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Purpose of Writing

Writing to relay information, whether it’s been in a letter or book has been going on for centuries, but what about writing for our own self-fulfillment?

Diaries, journals, and personal manifestations have been for the purpose of the author’s own enjoyment, otherwise why would he or she continue to write in them? If they didn’t find that they were getting anything out of it?

Yes, those works are beneficial to the descendants of the author, but how does it help the author as he or she is in the process of writing it? I know in my own experience that while I’ve been blogging about writing, it has been more about discovering who I am as an author and a wife and a mother. 

This process has come to help me understand that what I’m writing is always for my benefit regardless of getting published. An author friend once told me that she writes what she enjoys and she is beyond grateful that hundreds of readers agree with her. I remember receiving this answer when I shared with her that I thought my writing was funny and what if others didn’t see it that way. It was then that I realized I’m doing this for me because I enjoy writing.

I’ve always loved making up stories, dreaming up my own characters and acting them out on paper. If none of my stories get published, I have learned something about myself and that is more important to me than the potential celebrity or wealth that may follow.

I write to know myself better.

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